7 Types Of Paper Bags

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Paper bags have become one of the most well known items that are given by store owners, after a buyer has made a purchase.If you go to any store then you are likely to find paper bags in Melbourne,

as many store owners are gravitating towards a more environmentally friendly and durable option,

as compared to the regular plastic bags. This is why a lot of store owners have started purchasing paper bags wholesale in Melbourne.

Furthermore, buying items and carrying them in paper bags can be highly lucrative as a branding purpose for many business owners, making paper bags in Melbourne, extremely popular for premium brands as well. This means that when it comes to purchasing paper bags wholesale in Melbourne, there is no dearth of both large and small business owners who want to add this item to their inventory.

There are 10 types of paper bags in Melbourne, that you are likely to find based on the type of store where you have done your shopping.

1.Stand On Shelf Bags

Stand on shelf bags, also known as SOS bags are one of the most common types of paper bags apart from kraft paper bags. They are commonly used by school going children and office workers, but can also be found in certain retail stores, and even restaurants that offer takeaway items. SOS paper bags are available in a variety of colours and are often touted as an ideal choice when it comes to packaging purposes.

2.Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Brown kraft paper bags are the most common type of paper bags that can be seen in the majority of supermarkets and departmental stores. They are ideal for storing a variety of different grocery items.

While not particularly durable, these paper bags can be used multiple times before they eventually wear out, and are highly recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. They get their name from being manufactured by simple brown kraft paper with a reinforcement of paper sheet for the bottom.

3.Merchandise Bags

As the name would suggest, merchandise bags are primarily used for purposes of branding and business. As such, they are made of very high quality material. These bags are commonly found with both large and small retail stores that can use these paper bags in Melbourne, to promote their businesses. In fact, many ecommerce stores have also started buying paper bags wholesale in Melbourne to use them for product shipping purposes.

4.Pinched Bottom Bags

When it comes to paper bags in Melbourne,  Pinch bottom bags are highly most common with small grocery shoppers. It is highly unlikely that an individual who does light weight grocery shopping, would not come across such a bag. Pinch bottom paper bags, have a look that is reminiscent of envelopes and are commonly used for carrying a small number of items. They come with a tapered end and a seal that has a grease resistant lining, making them an ideal option for safely transporting smaller items.

5.Euro Tote Bags

While similar in design to SOS bags, you are likely to find these kinds of paper bags in Melbourne, if you are shopping for premium quality products. This is because, Euro tote bags are highly sophisticated in their visual appeal and come with customised branding and different surface finishes.

They are not particularly recyclable, due to their plastic lining that gives them a specific sheen and shine. However, they are extremely reusable, because Euro tote bags, cannot be easily worn down and have a high level of durability allowing them to be repurposed for a variety of uses.

6.Recycled Bags

When it comes to purchasing paper bags wholesale in Melbourne, many stores and retail chains are opting for this variant, as they are focused on reducing their carbon footprint. Recycled bags are made with recycled paper as the primary raw material, which significantly reduces the amount of natural resources, that is required for making such bags. In fact, even pulp that comes from paper trash can be used to make these bags. With the advent of new manufacturing techniques, recycled bags have advanced in quality, coming in a variety of sizes and shapes and offering the same level of durability as normal paper bags.

7.Vogue Bags.

Vogue bags are generally used by most retail stores, making them one of the most common paper bags in Melbourne, when it comes to retail shopping. Their key identifying factor is their spacious nature, and their large size. In fact, vogue bags are one of the most popular ways for a brand to push its name out into the market. This is why vogue bags are often used as a storage item, even when giving gifts to other individuals in lieu of gift wrapping paper.


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