A Guide To Wedding Dress Bags

Wedding Dress bags are considered today, as an integral part of any wedding dress purchase.

This is primarily because wedding dress bags are highly convenient protective covers, for the most important transformational dress of a woman’s life. Choosing the right, wedding dress bag made of the right material can go a long way in keeping your bridal garment preserved and intact as the day you bought it. However, choosing the cheap and non eco friendly alternative can end up causing severe and irreversible damage to your wedding dress over an extended period of time, and in the worst case, on the day of the wedding itself. This is why choosing the right wedding dress bag

can go a long way in protecting your bridal garment for years to come. Though the right wedding dress bag may not come at what many would consider a low price, they tend to pay for themselves in the long term, as they can provide a safe and highly durable environment for your wedding dress.

Before we start looking at what a wedding dress bag has to offer, let us first consider the worst type of wedding dress bag, you could possibly purchase.

The answer will definitely not surprise you because the worst bridal garment bag that you can choose are the ones made out of plastic.

Why Plastic Is Bad

Plastic wedding garment bags are often condemned, not just by wedding dress makers, but also

by people who have suffered the adverse effects of storing their bridal dress in a plastic cover. It may be surprising, considering that whenever you go to your dry cleaners, your garments are always kept in plastic protectors. However, ask your dry cleaner, whether these plastic covers are ideal for storage purposes and even they will tell you that they are not. Plastic bags should never be used to store important clothing and are meant for temporary usage, merely for the purposes of transport. The primary reason behind this is the makeup of plastic bags themselves. Most plastic garment covers

are composed of a chemical antioxidant, known as butylated hydroxytoluene or BHT. This chemical has a highly reactive effect when it comes into contact with moisture in the air, or any other impurities. This reaction can cause a yellow pigment on the plastic that ends up sticking to the fabric, causing yellow spots on the fabric as well. Considering that most wedding dresses are white in colour, spots like these would stand out like a sore thumb, and are extremely difficult to remove even in the most rigorous of washing situations.

Secondly, plastic wedding dress bags completely restrict any movement for your garments, when they are within the bag. The seal is so tight, that the plastic bag, ends up creating moisture from the dress and stores it in the bag. When left for extended periods, this moisture can cause a multitude of problems, of which stains are just the beginning. Over time, you are not only looking at a weakening of the fibres in the wedding dress, but also a higher level of mildew growth with discoloration.

With these disadvantages. It is clear why a plastic wedding dress bag is absolutely not the way to go when it comes to preserving one of the most important forms of attire in an individual’s lifetime.

Garment Bags Are The Way To Go

The alternative, of course, is to go with wedding dress bags that are made out of garment. Garment wedding dress bags are ideal for preserving wedding dresses in their true form for an extended period of time. This is because they are mostly made of cotton which in and of itself is a highly breathable, lightweight and durable fabric. Furthermore, cotton, tends to nurture natural fabrics like leather, silk, wool, and other delicate fabrics. When used for preserving wedding dress garments this means that the fabric integrity of your wedding dress can be preserved when using a cotton wedding dress bag.

Furthermore, cotton is not particularly difficult to maintain, which means if you need to wash your wedding dress bag, you simply need to throw it in the washer and the job is done.

But most importantly, when it comes to high moisture regions, plastic bags can destroy any clothing stored within them. However, cotton wedding dress bag tend to reflect heat in warm climates and provides insulation in cooler temperatures, giving your garments, a high level of protection and storage.




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