Why Singlet Bags Are The Best Alternative To Plastic

Singlet bags are becoming the replacement for plastic bags in a wide number of businesses. This is why it is not surprising that a variety of stores and marketplaces are going for singlet bags wholesale purchases. When comparing the benefits, singlet bags overtake regular plastic bags by a large margin and it’s easy to see why they are desirable by both sellers and buyers regardless of the type of industry.

While you are not likely to find singlet bags from premium brand manufacturers, such as luxury brands, you will definitely see an increasing number of retail stores, offering singlet bags instead of plastic bags. The reason these retail stores have been picking up singlet bags in wholesale numbers, is because they are realising the multitude of benefits that singlet bags can provide not just as an option for shoppers, but also as a more desirable and environmentally friendly option for wholesalers as well.

Here are a few benefits of purchasing singlet bags wholesale, instead of keeping a stack of plastic bags in your home.


Singlet bags are extremely durable and resilient. They are made from biodegradable materials, but actually end up being a lot more stretchable and stronger than plastic. Singlet bags also boast a high level of sturdiness, with an extremely flexible structure. This flexible structure means they can hold a variety of shapes, even the types that are protruding without having any kind of tear in the fabric.

Furthermore, the polymer that is part of singlet bags structure makes them a lot stronger than even the thickest plastic bags. This means that it is highly unlikely for you to face the problem of your grocery plastic bag ripping open, if you are using a singlet bag.


As mentioned previously, singlet bags are a lot more durable than their plastic counterparts. But the primary reason why a lot of homeowners are buying singlet bags at wholesale rates is because of their high level of reusability. Unlike plastic, which can degrade, but not decompose over time singlet bags will retain their shape and structure even after repeated usage. This is because of the highly tensile makeup of a singlet bag, makes them a lot more resistant to stretching like plastic bags are generally susceptible to. What this leads to is a reusable bag, that does not need to be replaced every few months, and can be used for the same purpose, over and over again. This also negates the need for constant disposal of such types of bags, which means you can use the same singlet bag for multiple trips to the grocery store without having to worry about throwing them away.

Shopping Friendly

As mentioned previously, many homeowners choose to purchase singlet bags at wholesale rates.

However, while this decision has a lot to do with its durability, there are a multitude of advantages that make singlet bags, a lot more friendly for shopping usage, as compared to plastic bags. One of the most common drawbacks to plastic bags, especially with people who do heavy shopping, is the fact that the bag is susceptible to tearing when carrying items that are extremely heavy. This is not an issue with singlet bags due to their high level of durability. More importantly, however, is the level of comfort that is afforded by a singlet bag to the shopper. While singlet bags are more durable, they are also a lot more comfortable when it comes to carrying heavy materials. This is because singlet bags have specialised handles along the side of the bag, which gives an extra level of padding when carrying anything heavy. This is in stark contrast to plastic bags, which have thin handles that tend to cut into your hand if you are carrying objects, with a high amount of weight.Furthermore, the flexible structure of singlet bags, makes them ideal for holding items of varying shapes, including ones that may have a protruding element as with singlet bags you don’t have to worry about the bag ripping, because of that element.

Environment Friendly

The greatest advantage of singlet bags, is the high level of eco friendly components. This is why purchase of singlet bags on wholesale basis is recommended, not just by environmental enthusiasts, but also by large manufacturers that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Singlet bags are not made of plastic, but are instead made of components that are easily biodegradable. In fact, many singlet bags are made from third grade corn, which is a waste byproduct that is disposed of by corn farmers. This means that when it’s time to dispose of a singlet bag ,you don’t need to worry about its recyclability due to the fact that a singlet bag can be completely compostable. This means that, even if discarded, a singlet bag will break down into the humus of the soil, and become a compost for that soil, making them completely organic and environmentally friendly.




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