Why A Good Wedding Dress Bag Is As Important As The Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress garment bags are a highly desirable solution for storing important dress items, like a wedding dress. Choosing the right wedding dress garment bag can go a long way in protecting your wedding dress for a very long time, while also preserving its aesthetic appeal. However, choosing the wrong wedding dress garment bag can not only destroy the wedding dress, but can also end up causing irreparable damage. Wedding Dress garment bags have become a part and parcel of weddings themselves as they are a crucial accessory when it comes to keeping the wedding dress safe for the occasion, as well as reserved for many years to come. Today, most store owners or tailors, who sell wedding dresses will also recommend a wedding dress bag without you asking them.

This is because they understand the importance of protecting the wedding dress for the specific occasion.

Here are a few advantages of purchasing a well made and high quality wedding dress garment bag.

When Moving House

The right wedding dress garment bag can be an absolute boon when it comes to long term storage.

However, the value of a quality wedding dress garment bag is only realised when the dress is being shifted from any location. There are a 1000 things that can go wrong when shifting a dress in a garment bag from one location to the other. Plastic, for example, is not the best solution in the harsh Australian sun, and can end up sticking to your government and weakening the fibre. Furthermore, plastic garment bags can also end up promoting the buildup of moisture within which can cause issues like mildew and yellow spots. The worst thing, however, is the fact that plastic garment bags are not particularly durable and it is very easy for their ends to get caught in anything sharp or protruding and subsequently rip apart, exposing the dress to the elements. In these situations, a high quality wedding dress garment bag can end up, protecting your wedding dress, against natural and man made elements. High quality wedding dress garment bags are made up of cotton, which makes them extremely durable and resistant to rips and tears. They are also capable of keeping the wedding dress protected from any natural environment hazards like heavy rain or sunlight, making them ideal for protecting your wedding dress, when it is being transported.

Long Term Storage

A common custom with most wedding dresses, is to keep the wedding dress preserved as a cherished memory. As such, it would be highly detrimental if anything were to happen to the wedding dress in the process of storage. And believe me, many things can happen.

Firstly, creatures like moths, which are known for chewing through fabrics are highly attracted to areas with a dense amount of moisture. As mentioned previously, plastic wedding dress garment bags, actually promote a buildup of moisture within which becomes an attracting point for a lot of pests that are known to eat through fabrics. But pests are the least of your concern when it comes to moisture buildup. Over time, moisture can cause mildew, to form around the portions of the dress, and would also inhibit the plastic from creating a roomy environment for your wedding dress.

This means that your dress is likely to stick to the plastic, while also being plagued with multitudes of small green spots, which is a travesty when considering that most wedding dresses are white in colour.

These problems do not exist with high quality wedding dress garment bags that are made out of cotton. The breathable fibre prevents any buildup of moisture, which completely negates the possibility of mildew. Furthermore, a cotton wedding dress garment bag is extremely durable and stands up, strong, to any kinds of pests, or even environmental hazards like extreme heat.

Cotton, also insulates the dress in extremely cold temperatures, while providing a cool and soothing effect in extremely hot temperatures, allowing you to store your wedding dress in areas of the home that are more susceptible to such temperature changes, like attics and basements.

With these vast differences, it’s easy to see why investing in the right wedding dress garment bag is extremely crucial, if you wish to preserve one of the most important forms of attire, you will wear in your life. Don’t leave precious memories to chance and go for high quality wedding dress garment bags, every single time.


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