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Eco Plastic Bags Wholesale Melbourne

From 1st of November 2019, requirements for plastic bags in Victoria will change. Any carry bag in plastic must be at least 36 microns in thickness. This will be strongly policed so that the bags are a consistent 36 microns, and not variable in density.

Vaggbags offers plain as well as designer printed carry bags which comply with these requirements. We believe that a well-designed carry bag will tell the public more about your brand than many other conventional advertisement models.

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Vaggbags, a supplier of plastic carry bags in Melbourne, brings you the best carry bag solution to retailers. With over 40 years of industry experience in printing and supplying carry bags and promotional bags to retailers, today we remain one of the best plastic bag outlets in Melbourne.

Whatever your requirement, plastic carry bags, custom carry bags, eco-friendly bags, biodegradable carry bags, enviro bags, non-woven polypropylene bags, recyclable bags, reusable bags, shopping bags or retail packing solutions, at Vaggbags we provide you with the right packing solutions at competitive rates.

Wholesale Retail Shopping Bags

Quality of the carry bag speaks about the quality of your brand and products. At Vaggbags we offer uncompromising quality and unmatched designs. We are a wholesale plastic carry bag supplier to retailers in Melbourne. All our packaging solutions are made with quality at the forefront. We create our bags from high-quality materials and ensure that extended durability and extravagant exposure.

Custom Carry Bags in Melbourne

We offer you a handful of customization options on your carry bags. You can order practically any type of customization you want.

Printed carry bags: Our printed carry bags come with any type of printing a retailer requires. Logo printed carry bags are in high demand nowadays. You can get your carry bags printed with colours, images, logo or texts that speak about your brand to the public.

Custom materials: We have a wide variety of materials to choose from. Whether a carry bag, shopping bag or retail packaging solution, choose the material that fits your business industry. The materials we use include paper, plastic, non-woven polypropylene, calico etc.

Diversity: Vaggbags offers you unlimited options in retail packaging. Paper carry bags, plastic bags, reusable bags, lock & seal bags, laminated bags, non-woven polypropylene bags, cardboard boxes, cotton bags, post-pack boxes, courier bags, die-cut plastic bags, cooler bags, wine bottle bags, suit bags, wine boxes… The types of packaging bags available at Vaggbags are numerous. Whatever be your product, we have a suitable packaging option for it.

Why Choose Vaggbags?

Vaggbags is your trusted retail carry bag or industrial packaging solution in Melbourne. We are a reliable supplier of carry bags for various industries in and around Melbourne. We offer well-designed carry bags at very competitive prices. At Vaggbags you can choose an environment-friendly solution for your packaging needs.

Try Us Once

Even though you might be associated with other carry bag suppliers for your packaging requirements, try Vaggbags once and experience the difference in quality and price. Call us on 03 9480 6801 or email [email protected] for an obligation-free quote. We are always happy to help you with the best available carry bag and packaging solutions for your business.

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