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Paper Bags

Paper Bags Wholesale Melbourne

Paper shopping bags are the trend of the day. It is a perfect giveaway item for retailers to please their customers in an eco-friendly way. Now, for Melburnians, the best paper bags are handy at Vaggbags the choicest supplier of carry-bags and retail packaging products, offers an exclusive range of paper shopping bags in Melbourne at a highly affordable range. We have more than 40 years of experience in supplying the best carry bags in and around Melbourne.

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Paper shopping bags are a great way of eco-friendly living. This natural and degradable material doesn’t harm the harmony of nature. We provide paper shopping bags at any shape and size. We also offer customized paper shopping bags to attract the eyes of people.

Why use paper shopping bags?

Paper shopping bags are beneficial in multiple ways. Compared to several other carry bag solutions, paper bags stay ahead with obvious reasons.

  • Degradable: This is the most highlighted benefit of paper carry bags. Paper is made of natural resources, thus remains absolutely degradable. It is eco-friendly and helps reduce global warming problems.
  • Re-usable: Paper shopping bags can be reused for a longer duration. Unlike plastic carry bags, paper bags look stylish and trendy. People prefer to carry paper shopping bags as they are fashionably designed.
  • Print-friendly: The main purpose of giving away shopping bags to customers is to get brand visibility. Paper being a print-friendly material allows you to get anything printed on it easily and faster. Your logo, texts or images can easily be imprinted on paper shopping bags.
  • Cost-effective: Unlike other advertisement modes or other packaging solutions, paper shopping bags or carry bags are highly economical. You can order well-designed paper carry bags in bulk quantity at cheaper rates. In-fact, paper shopping bags are one of the cheapest modes of advertisement, when brand visibility is concerned.
  • Highly practical: Paper shopping bags are a practical solution as shopping carry bags. Easy to carry and nice to see, paper carry bags help you to carry a considerable amount of weight, easily.

Why Vaggbags?

Vaggbags is the pioneer in the carry-bag industry in Melbourne and suburbs. We have helped countless retailers with the right carry bag or retail packaging products. We are a trusted and reputed carry bag supplier in Melbourne for over 40 years. Vaggbags offer packaging solutions for retailers at wholesale rates. You can buy the best carry bag, shopping bag or other packaging solutions at Vaggbags at an unbeaten price range.

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